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The Abomination #2: “Daniel Defense & Death”

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I woke up this morning and went to my local news app to see if our new friend Wade Herring made it into the runoff for the U.S. House of Representatives for our district. He did!

But the moment of happiness lasted for just that—one moment. For then my eyes trailed down to the next news headline.

Daniel Defense is a gun and ammunition manufacturing company here in Savannah. HR and I pass it every time we drive north on I-16.

When I discovered that Daniel Defense had made the assault weapon found on the Texas shooter, I went to their website. And saw this:

(Easier to read in the second block below.)

The $100 million dollar a year Manufacturer of Death made no mention of their culpability, no mention of perhaps reassessing the need for stronger common sense gun laws. Just assurance of their cooperation, their sadness, and that all of them at Daniel Defense are on their knees praying for the families of the dead children.

But look closer at the pic above. Can you see something behind the “apology”?

What joy! There’s a contest! A drawing!

You can win $15,000 for ammo or guns or whatever you want! Well, except for the life back for your dead child. Dead child murdered with a Daniel Defense assault weapon.

Look deeper on the website and read the joyfully enthusiastic words of Marty Daniel, founder of Daniel Defense:

“We love making high quality products and, quite simply, care about our customers more than any of our competitors do. That’s what got me started in this business back in 2000. I like well-made products – products that exceed expectations for accuracy, durability, reliability, style, and value. We know how much our customers care, and that’s what makes working in this business so much fun. Thanks so much to all of our loyal customers, and for those of you new to our brand. Isn’t it time you got a Daniel?”

Isn’t it time for our sad nation to garner the courage to embrace and pass stricter common sense gun laws?

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