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So HR and I were on a morning walk today here in downtown Savannah near us and came across this cool holiday display …

“How cute,” I exclaimed. Until I realized that someone had actually CARVED THAT INCREDIBLE JACK-O’-LANTERN!


For the past 60 years, my jack-o’-lanterns have looked exactly the same.

Starting the process with grandsons Daniel and Gabriel … way back.
The end result with grandson Daniel … way back.
End result at grand twins Madison and Matthew’s school … way back.

On a pumpkin patch field trip with the grand twins.

Pumpkin Joy!

4 thoughts on “Jacked

  1. I actually carved a cool Jack o’ Lantern once: it was the logo of the comic book superhero Green Lantern, only it said Breen Lantern. Jeffrey and I dressed in Green Lantern outfits, and I lit the inside of the pumpkin with a green light to make it part of our costumes. I thought it was BRILLIANT, but we didn’t win the carving contest. Sigh.

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