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Five Friday Happy Bringers 2/10/23

1. The squirrel on our dining room table. HR’s nickname is Squirrel (long story), so I love it when I find little squirrel figurines.

2. The mincemeat pie I made with leftover mincemeat (from Christmas). It was delicious!

The only issue I had with it was the potential murder weapon Robert used to serve it.

3. The ability to taste, TASTE! Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, etc. What an incredible blessing!

4. The camellias blooming all over Savannah this February.

And for some reason I find the blossoms that fall on the ground so pretty.

5. The joy of leftovers.

At least, once a week, Robert and I have a meal with only leftovers.


Make your weekend be so good (in whatever way you define good) that you will have leftovers on Monday.

7 thoughts on “Five Friday Happy Bringers 2/10/23

  1. I love camellias. I used to grow them in my garden when I lived in England but they don’t do well in Ontario. That pie looks delicious.We may have to stop in on our way home and have a meal of your leftovers.They look so good.

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