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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/12/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. Grandtwin Matthew as Walt Disney for a school project.

2. “This Cat.” In the early evening, I often walk out to one of our Savannah squares near where HR and I live. To read. And “This Cat” ALWAYS makes an appearance when I go to Warren Square.

“This Cat”

3. Our fingernails and toenails. I’m not exactly sure why they make me happy. But they are such a part of us. And they’re SO determined. You have to cut them pretty often.

4. Exploring the nearby Effingham (County) Historical Museum with a couple of buddies.

5. A dolly from yesteryear.

5. The struggling but still here U.S. Postal Service.

May good health and true happiness be delivered to your door this weekend.

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