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My Saturday Evening Post 5/13/23 “Thank You”

I’m Thankful to live in Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District, where daily walks never fail to reveal yet another source of marvel-worthy beauty.

As I’ve said before, HR and I live off Washington Square, the northeastern most of our 22 extant squares. It’s the tiny green one in the upper righthand corner on the map below. Across from the Savannah River.

The historic district is a walker’s dream, with surprises hidden down tiny lanes and in secret gardens.

Here a few sightings from our midday walk.

Lucious Lilies

And Hearty Hydrangea

Sunlight through Japanese Maple

And a bit of gratitude and love to Jimmy Carter …

Thankful & Peaceful Saturday to you all.

P.S. I even thought some “weeds” were pretty, perched proudly at the curb, their dynamic green exuding roadside royalty.

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