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Sunday Morning Quote — 8/11/13

“True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice.”

— Ben Jonson






Broken Fence


The Revelation of Riboclavin (And a Dog Stealing Cabbage) (You Know You Have to Read This Post)

As faithful blog followers know, I have a buddy “named” Riboclavin who is quite a character.  (And of course we all know his name isn’t REALLY Riboclavin, come on, but as I said in a post from way back, “I’m just not very good at giving people fake names if they don’t want their real names ‘published’ on my blog because, heaven forbid, the ‘tens’ of people who follow my blog might see their name and … and … idk.”)  Anyway, here he is, rocking.  And even though that dualistic rocking chair looks über huge, Riboclavin looks comfortable and relaxed.  And, really,  isn’t that what counts?

[By the way (true story), on my 16th birthday, I received a rocking chair from my parents as my main gift.]  [Therapy has helped.  But only so much.]

Ribo loves two things in life (maybe more than two, but right now only these couple come to mind).  One, he LOVES his dog MisterDillHarris.

Here’s MisterDillHarris with a big ole bone:

Two, he LOVES (or maybe hates, I’m not sure) his obsession with health, or actually his perceived lack of health.  The guy can be standing in line at the movies to see, for example, Miley Cyrus in The Last Song, and all of a sudden he HAS to take his temperature.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here he is taking his temp.

And, look, here he is taking his dog’s temperature:

(For me, pretend this is normal.  Thanks.)

So anyway, recently Riboclavin texted me a video link, and as usual, made NO attempt to introduce or explain the link.  You can surely understand by now my trepidation and why I came two hairs close to deleting the text and pretending I never received it (as I do with any unwanted or ill-timed text, email, voicemail, regular mail, fax, postcard, Hallmark card, smoke signal, etc.).  Afterall, his most recent link took me to a medical site where a disgusting surgical procedure was in full “operation,” causing me to gasp and snort and vow to never speak to Riboclavin again.  But for some reason I decided, even with the high risk,  to open the link.  And I was pleasantly surprised!  (If you’re near wood, please knock on it for me.)

Here’s the video, entitled “Dog Steals Cabbage.”

Now isn’t that cute … and happiness-worthy?  Please tell Riboclavin thanks, and wish him good health.

Eating, Dancing and Supporting a Wonderful Cause

Last night, as a VIP, I attended Savor the Flavor of Savannah–a delicious local food tasting event benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association of Coastal Georgia and hosted by the beautiful and talented Deborah Hargroves of Dancing Stars of Georgia.

(Okay, okay, EVERYBODY who bought a ticket possessed VIP status there.  But I was the only person with a vest.)

Savor the Flavor was held at the beautiful and historic Victory Drive home of Dale and Pamela Karacostas.

Deborah is a local dance enthusiast, who recently told Savannah Now, “I do all kinds of dancing: salsa, merengue, Argentine tango and ballroom.”  (Read the entire article at  http://savannahnow.com/accent/2011-04-24/savannah-high-teacher-deborah-hargroves-loves-dance.)  The idea for raising funds for Alzheimer’s began when … wait, just listen to Deborah explain the event:

I wish I had not eaten for about a week before coming because an incredible smorgasbord of Savannah-area cuisine met me at every turn once I entered the house.

(Oh my gosh, this chocolate mousse!  It made me think I was SO VIP.)

Restaurants and businesses providing speciality dishes included Sisters of the New South, Blue Turtle Bistro, Spanky’s Southside, Toucan Cafe, Sweet Potatoes, Bayou Cafe, Rancho Allegre, Southern Graces Bistro, Leopold’s Ice Cream, Basil’s, Circa, Brighter Day, Harris Baking Company, Rum Runners Bakery and Meinhardt Vineyards.

Here I am with vivacious matriarch Beulah Harper Nettles–she’s the mother of both Deborah and Pamela.  And by the way, this event was held in their childhood home.  (Remind me to tell you the story sometime of my childhood home, The Wizard of Oz and hiding under my bed for four hours.)

Even though she is obviously a genteel Southern lady, Ms. Beluah told me to make good use of her picture, that she might be little and have a few years on her, but she was wiry and could easily take me on.  (I want to stay on her good side.)

Walking into yet another beautifully decorated and food-laden room (and at this point paying no attention to people, only aromas, textures and colors of all things edible), I nearly ran into my pastor’s wife, Cheri Hester:

Followed quickly by Pastor Billy:

(I’m so glad my conduct at that moment displayed no outwardly reprobate tendencies.)

I finally made it out back (and my ultimate destination) to a porch where Leopold’s had set up shop.  Here are ice cream specialists Murphy McDonald and Kenneth Carr.

A little later I had the opportunity to thank owners Stratton and Mary Leopold for their support of such a deserving cause.  What a gracious couple.

Care for a chocolate?

I soon found myself sitting alone, dazed and confused, having passed beyond the sugar high to the sugar low.  I don’t know where I am, or even who I am.

Some of the very cool artwork which was part of the silent auction (although I did hear some people talking, I have to say):

Storyteller extraordinaire Dottie Kluttz (I will be sharing a post of Dottie telling one of her stories soon):

Below is Sandy Ligneel, Deborah’s childhood friend since the eighth grade!  (Remind me to tell you sometime my eighth grade story when I got a dart stuck in my scalp.)

Some other Savor the Flavor VIP’s (without vests and apparently with better self control than I have.  I never saw a SINGLE one of them sitting on a couch gorged to the hilt, with food stains all over their clothes):

Deborah’s friend and motivator for the fundraiser, Dot Wallace:

Teresa Coleman:

Manchester, England’s Jacqueline Lordnum and Rafael Davo:

For some reason, I’ve always wanted a staircase like this:

What a really, really fun and worthwhile evening.  So after deciding they would probably say no if I asked if I could take this cool, hip nic-nac home …

… I said goodnight.

But it’s not too late to make a donation to Deborah’s dancing efforts on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association.  You can contact her at dhargroves@gmail.com.  Let’s all join in this “dance” to fight this debilitating condition.

Deborah’s Website: http://sites.google.com/site/deborahhargroves/

The Alzheimer’s Association – Georgia Chapter Website:  http://www.alz.org/georgia/

Dancing Stars of Georgia Page:  http://www.alz.org/georgia/in_my_community_58613.asp

Sign the petition for a strong national Alzheimer’s plan:  http://www.alz.org/

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