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Five Friday Happy Bringers 3/10/23

1. Young singer/actor Grandson Daniel owning the mic recently.

In a local vocal competition. He didn’t win, but oh my goodness, how he wowed the crowd. He was the youngest competitor, so perhaps it just wasn’t his time.

2. The wisteria outside my therapist Rubi’s office.

Okay, that structure IS NOT my therapist’s office. His office is in a beautiful old house behind this display of wisteria beauty.

3. Breath. Breath. Breath.

4. PINK in (nearly) spring Savannah.

I know, I know. I keep posting pictures of our azaleas. But Savannah’s display has been more than glorious this year.

5. My Orange Hubby.

May your weekend be filled with pink and orange and every color you adore.

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“Robert and … #33”

A blog category of pics I’ve taken of HR (Hubby Robert) and … well, just about anything.

Robert and … a duck.

So yesterday we went for a little park bench sit-down (I was not feeling too well) at nearby Lake Mayer.

HR was so husbandly, lovingly concerned and supportive …

Until he saw a photo op.

He has this thing for murals. He has photographed them in a variety of cities. And the one on the side of this Little Library grabbed him.

Here he is explaining something to me about who knows what. I wasn’t paying much attention. Remember, I was not feeling too well.

But then an intruder arrived. See her (him?) Over to the right in the photo above.

“That is a Muscovy duck,” HR explained.

For some reason that duck made me feel better.

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Subtle Magic

As I have said, probably far too many times on this blog, I love living in downtown Historic District Savannah.

And one of the reasons? The beautifully unique twenty-two extant squares (two were lost to “progress”).

[Did I punctuate the above properly?]

This evening I am hanging out in Warren Square, the square closest to my own, Washington Square.


This house is not mine.

Those houses are not mine.

But the sidewalk is.


And that magic is free.