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The Other Side of Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving!

I always have. It is so wonderful for our nation to have a special day set aside for GRATITUDE.

Except …

What we often forget (or at least try to forget) (or refuse to even believe) is that the traditional First Thanksgiving Day taught in grade school and fixed in our individual and national consciousness is a Disney-fied mythology.

Here’s a terrifically sobering post from a wonderful blog, “Esperational.” The You Tube video is eye- (and heart-) opening. Please take a moment to read the short post and watch the short video.


It has been my tradition on Thanksgiving to honor the other side of the story. For members of the first nations of this country this is a day of …

The Other Side of Thanksgiving


Difficult truths …

Why is Truth so often Difficult?!

I don’t think this means I can’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day, as long as I recognize that the mythologized beginning is historically inaccurate.

Maybe I should celebrate … Happy THANKS-giving.

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