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Five Friday Happy Bringers — 11/28/14

1.  Enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving 2014.



(Artwork by grandson Daniel)


2.  Quietly celebrating my father’s 91st birthday.




Harold Hulon “Tub” Saye Sr. and Geneva Mae (87)


3.  A sign I think I will put in my office. 


4.  The ability to smell.  (Can you imagine Thanksgiving and Christmas without it?)

5.  Incredible students.


I wish you a joyfully aromatic weekend.





Thanksgiving may just be my favorite of all the holidays.  A day to celebrate the saying of “Thank You” (which we should, of course, be saying every day).

Let’s try it–quickly now, what are five things you are thankful for in your life?


1.  Hot, running water

2.  Faith

3.  A more than sufficient income

4.  A wonderful family

5.  Discovering kale   

Doesn’t that feel good?  To express your appreciation.  (Even if you don’t like kale.)

And here’s a really encouraging and enlightening article, “Boost Your Health with a Dose of Gratitude,” about the health benefits of gratitude.  I urge you to make it your Thanksgiving reading!



I hope your holiday is filled with good and thanksliving.


Don’t Even Try II

Okay, I can’t help myself.  You may have seen yesterday’s “Don’t Even Try” post about a turkey singing a Thanksgiving song to the tune of “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

Well, lo and behold, I found another turkey belting out yet another Thanksgiving song to the tune of “I Will Survive.”


Isn’t she talented?!

Don’t Even Try

Thinking about both turkeys and the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, I offer you this lovely song:


2014 Holiday Declaration!


Sometimes I am a bit slow, so today when I looked at my calendar, it hit me: THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST UPON US!  Now, I realize that all the Halloween candy, as well as the Christmas songs already pumping at the malls, should have alerted me, but they didn’t.

Thanksgiving.  Is.  Two.  Weeks.  From.  Thursday.

This year, I truly desire to Appreciate and Experience and Enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas a bit more slowly and reflectively than in years past.

So I’m brushing off an affirmation/prayer that I wrote a few years back.  And I invite you to try out my Affirmative, Declarative statement about the coming weeks:

“Our Holiday Season 2014 will be marked (and remembered) by peals of liberating laughter; jubilant joy; feel-so-good health; demonstrated appreciation of friendship; family fun; and an ever-increasing abundance of all things we consider GOOD.”

Say it out loud and see how it feels to you.  Then let’s prophesy a Joyful Season ahead. I challenge you!


Five Friday Happy Bringers — 10/24/14

Fabulous Friday.  What a beautiful day of the week.  I hope you’ve had an Incredibly Happy One.  I have.  Here’s are five reasons I’m hooting.

1.  Just sitting around, minding my own business.


2.  Grandtwin Matthew (age two) shaving with Dad Travis.


What a joy to be a fathergrand!

3.  Having feet to walk on.


4.  The last rose before the frost.  It makes me both sad (“Summer’s over!”) and happy (“Man, that’s a determined rose!”).

Today I drove up from Savannah to Augusta.  Near the city’s beautiful Riverwalk sits (preens?) incredibly beautiful St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  Their rose garden is at season’s end.  But still singing, “I’m not finished yet.”  (I’m gonna steal that song.)




5.  My honest-to-goodness belief that We Were Created to Be Joyful.

Sing this weekend!  Sing that you ain’t finished yet.  There’s more–much more–to come.  (That’s the tune I’m humming.)


Over the River and Through … Thanksgiving Songs

So tonight, trying to be the nice guy that I am, and driving comfortably down the holiday road with my friend Robert and his daughter Sarah, the topic of conversation turned to holiday music.  (I know I just used the word “holiday” a few words back, but for the life of me I can’t think of a different one that works–can you?)  Sarah complained that “there just aren’t any Thanksgiving songs!”

Professor that I am, I quickly answered, “Yes, there are!” And began to sing “We gather together to ask the Lord’s Blessing” and “So much to be thankful for” and “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.”  That was a bit problematic since whenever I sing any song, it ends up sounding just like ABBA’s “Mama Mia.”

Somewhat patronizingly (and in my opinion somewhat like the Kardashians in one of their arguments), Robert admonished, “Neal, I hate to inform you, but THAT’S a Christmas song.”  I would have gotten all haughty and angry, maybe even laughed in a manner which suggested that he didn’t know what he was talking about, but all of a sudden I didn’t 100% know if I knew WHAT I was talking about.

But since this is 2013, and I wasn’t behind the wheel, I pulled out my iPhone, Googled (you do capitalize that, right?), “famous Thanksgiving songs,” and my first hit jumped out at me triumphantly: “Top 10 Thanksgiving Songs, No Really.”  And guess what #4 was?

 4. “Over The River and Through the Woods”: This is a Thanksgiving song by Lydia Maria Child. It was written in 1844, originally as a poem with the title “A Boy’s Thanksgiving Day.” There have been many versions of the song over the years that add in Christmas lyrics, but the original was just about Thanksgiving. My favorite version is by Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters. 

(I didn’t read that line about Christmas lyrics to Robert and Sarah, because I thought it stole a little of my thunder, so if you know them, DO NOT say anything.)


See the entire Top Ten below:


Sing On, Thanksgiving!

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