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It Starts with “L”

So if you have followed my blog for a while now, you know that I am married to a man, Robert, and that we are very close to my ex-wife Donna.

We actually took her out for lunch today. (Five Guys, Burgers and Fries— in case you are wondering. I’m a big spender.)

I was recently looking through my storage bins of “old stuff” and came across this …

A little gift from Donna years (no decades!) ago.

The incredible truth?


At a Braves game.
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Pre-K is A-Okay!

Today was granddaughter Isabelle‘s first day of pre-K.

Isabelle’s expression … “I’m not so sure about this school thing.“

“Welcome to school, Isabelle. We’re SO glad you’re here.”
Hall-walking with big brother and sister, Matthew and Madison.

A great first day of school! So much to learn. So much to do.

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Late Sunday Evening Reflection

I just don’t get the ongoing racism in our world. Even though I am sure as a 70-year-old white man, I have racist assumptions and probably racist actions now and again.

As you know, if you follow my blog, I am married to a black man, HR (Husband Robert), The joy of my life.

Today we were at my grandtwins’ 10th birthday party (more about that in another post).

Three -year-old granddaughter Isabelle was all about Robert holding her throughout the party. Not me. Robert. He was more fun.

Isabelle kept wanting to have her foot pictured. And of course Robert obliged.

If only we all had the intelligence and the footprint of three–year-olds.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 7/29/22

1. Celebrating with daughter Amy adding another physician to her medical company here in Savannah, Coastal Care Partners. This time a young new pediatrician.

Amy is the redhead to the right. New physician Dr. Alexander is in the middle.

So of course, Robert and I had to get in on the action (and free food). Here we are with Amy and her hubby, co-partner Scott at the ribbon-cutting.

2. The wind beneath my wings.

Sweet chili pepper wings at Bar Food Sports in Savannah near us. Yum!!!

4. HR and I taking grandtwins Matthew and Madison, little Isabelle and ex-wife Donna to the Jepson Center for the Arts here in Savannah for a morning of exploration and joy.

4. The incredible ability to be thankful. And to recognize, celebrate all that we have — our lives, our breath, our hopes and dreams. Our feet and shoes to house them. Our fingers and their ability to touch.

5. HR letting me strategically place various items on his head for photographic practice …

… while he looks at a duck cookie sporting his name.

I hope you’re looking at a happy, healthy weekend ahead.

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My Saturday Evening Post: 7/16/22 “Granddaughter Isabelle and Encanto”

Youngest granddaughter Isabelle’s 4th bday party today, featuring Mirabelle from Encanto.

Isabelle being presented with a plaque declaring her an honorary candle protector. (Have you seen the movie?)

Isabelle, her mom, HR and me

On Isabelle’s 4th (and many more to follow):

“May she be happy. May she be healthy. May she be safe. May she be at peace and live her live with ease.”

Happy Birthday, Isabelle!

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Grandson Daniel, who you may remember just finished a run as Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” here in Savannah, is at a three-week drama camp.

D is in the green t-shirt

I have been sending him silly cards of encouragement. Here is my latest. In order to understand it, you must know that the family dog is named Coastal. (We live in Savannah, next to the Atlantic Ocean, and my daughter’s medical company is called Coastal Care Partners.)

Puppy dog Coastal …

And here’s the card …

Grandfatherly Fun!