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Happy Memorial Day

We remember with love and deep appreciation.


Two NY Desires

Greetings from Manhattan. Here are two of grandson Daniel’s New York have-to’s:




Five Friday Happy Bringers (5/25/12)

Five very good reasons for me to embrace happiness:

1.  “These vagabond shoes are leaving today….”  Tonight I am boarding a flight for Manhattan!  (More breaking news on this topic in upcoming posts.)

2.  With having met only four times so far, my English 1102 (Composition II) summer classes have already “jelled” and are Fun with a capital F.  Here are some of them beginning to work on their Happiness Boxes yesterday afternoon.

3.  This amazingly beautiful spring weather we are loving in south Georgia.

4.  Tremendously enjoying a hand-made strawberry milk shake earlier today.

5.  Last Sunday at Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church, Pastor Billy Hester and his mother, Joan Hester Byrd (who was celebrating her 83rd birthday), sang the duet below.  83 and still singing like a bird! 

Have a Beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!

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