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Five Friday Happy Bringers 11/4/22

1. HR and I having a low-key Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) dinner on Nov. 2 in honor of our parents.

My parents absolutely loved my homemade chili, which I made for them in the last several decades of their lives when I would visit.

2. Our little beautiful, pink flower, (I’m not sure what it is), just outside our door, which just keeps blooming, even now into November.

3. The ability to talk, to express, to communicate.

4. Grandchildren trick-or-treating …

5. Wreathing Autumn in Savannah.

May your weekend be wreathed in Joy!

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A Prolific Pumpkin Display

On a cool morning walk today, HR and I came upon this incredible fall pumpkin display outside a beautiful Savannah historic district townhome.

OK, maybe the shadows messed that photo up a bit.

Here’s more.

And more.


And look! Here’s HR claiming squatters rights.

October beauty and fun!

And here’s our sad, lone “punkin” …

But he’s a proud one.

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Root Returning

I loved this small excerpt of a lovely Essene meditation posted by Kelly Curtis on the beautifully inspirational blog, Kelly’s Quest.

“Softness fills my days
In this season of autumn light.
Gentle joy of life returning
To know its roots again.”

As we perhaps slow down a bit this autumn, may we mindfully embrace the quiet, deep and abiding joyful health of our roots.

Contemplative Robert and the foggy Savannah River near us.
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Five Friday Happy Bringers 11/19/21

Today I’m resurrecting an old blog category I used to publish each Friday where I listed five things which bring joy to my life. I ingeniously named the category “Five Friday Happy Bringers.” It’s a weekly gratitude journal of sorts.

So here’s today’s listing.

1. Brilliant fall, even in Savannah.

A cool leafing in the Design District

2. Our body’s natural ability to breathe.

On an exit door at my local Y

3. Old shoes which fit so comfortably.

4. Robert’s homemade chicken pot pies.

5. This little blog, which is enabling me to reconnect with a small but significant sense of purpose.


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I Love Our D.A.!

My stomping ground, Historic District Savannah, is a lovely place anytime of the year. But D.A (Downtown Autumn) is especially beautiful—and comes in a pretty close second to our Azalea-d Spring.

On a stroll this morning, I decided to ignore the leftover Halloween displays and just concentrate on Fall. Here’s a sampling of what yelled “Hello there, look at me!”

Glorious stairs, leading Up:



Boots? Who wudda thought?

Camellias (Savannah’s “cold weather azaleas”) ready to burst into bloom—and a few getting a head start:


Odds and ends:

A pink pumpkin:

Well, okay.

A cool courtyard:

Two hanging baskets, who drew me close and whispered, “Please. Please. Get us outta here. Haven’t we grown enough?”

Loquats—a native Chinese fruit found growing More often than you would think in historic district courtyards and tree lawns.

And finally, our fair abode, which now seems sorta shadowy compared to all those others I walked by.

But what a beautiful D.A. we have here in Savannah’s Historic District. Thank you, Autumn.